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Enabling Payments for your Business
Enjoy a hassle free, seamless and secure platform for all your business payment needs. You can handle all your company's payment transactions on a single platform.
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Tools to empower your business to the next level

Make payments with ease

Experience an innovative way of receiving and making payments to Phone numbers and Businesses.

Customize your Approvals

Organizations can setup one or multiple approvers to review payment transactions. This allows you to control how transactions are done in your organization

Enhanced Administration to streamline your operations

Allow organizations to effectively assign user roles and accounts based on their responsibilities within the organization.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Single view for all your businesses to monitor performance and growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The M-PESA Business Portal is a platform created by Safaricom to help businesses and organizations in their payment processes on a single platform with the press of a button.

M-PESA Business Portal will offer organizations with the following benefits.

  1. Single Sign On; One portal with different access channels i.e., M-PESA Web & USSD for all your short codes.
  2. Simplified user interface and navigation. Enjoy intuitive, simple, and effortless journeys to transact.
  3. Easy and secure payments. Your financial security is our priority.
  4. Customizable multiple approval levels. Set up approval levels specific and suitable to your organization needs.
  5. E-value recycling between collections and disbursements account. Use funds collected from customer payments to settle bills or expenses.

The M-PESA Business Portal provides with variety of services such as;

  1. Business to customer service.
  2. Business to business service.
  3. Statements.
  4. Settlement to bank.
  5. Organization auto settlements.
  6. Reversal. (coming soon)

Yes, they can access and view balances. However, they cannot transact on M-PESA Business Portal.

The roles are set of permission on what a user can do on the system. The user who sign up the short code will assume the role of business administrator. The roles are explained on the manual.

The unique identifier for login is the Business Entity and username.

This is an alpha-numeric code issued on sign up to M-PESA Business Portal.

The Business entity allows the organization to add all their short codes under it for a single view.

Organization finance contact/ administrator on M-PESA system will require to sign up using one shortcode and then onboard other shortcode to the same entity.

You can sign up using the link will be required to provide with correct details for successful sign up.

No, the organization currently using Merchant Portal will be migrated with their existing Business Entity.

By default, organization will require to have one (1) approver to complete the transaction. However, Business administrator can change/customize the number of approvers to any number between 0 – 5 approvers.

You can onboard as many short codes as possible to your Business entity.

As existing ADMIN on M-PESA Business Portal you can onboard additional short codes only if the finance contact/ administrator in M-PESA system is active. Additionally, you must be in contact with the M-PESA finance contact/ administrator who will receive a One Time Password (OTP) for successful onboarding. Additional short codes should have an affiliation to the Business Entity.

No. Currently all users created on M-PESA Business Portal will have access to all shortcode within the organization entity.

Yes, the organization will have an option to validate the customers phone number against their identification documents and numbers during initiating transaction.

The organization will be required to forward the following document to email or Visiting Safaricom shop.

  1. Fill in the administrator form.
  2. Provide the documents as per requirement on page 2 of administrator form.

The process of whitelisting new short codes remains the same. However, the short codes that are already whitelisted on Merchant Portal will not require additional whitelisting on this portal.

  1. For all support enquiries please send an email to: or contact us on our pay bill support line via 0722002222 or 2222.
  2. On social media you can get us on; Twitter - @SafaricomPLC or @Safaricom_Care.
  3. Facebook –
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